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   Water based or aqueous coatings are an important part of the printing process for printers.  Our full line
      of aqueous coatings are well established in the industry and are versatile, allowing the printers to print on
       any type of equipment, new and old.  Our wide range of products will satisfy the needs of most commercial
printers looking to add coating effect to their printed material, whether for aesthetics or functionality.
                   Types of aqueous coatings available from Sigma Coatings:
**Playing Card Coatings           **Matte or Satin Finish                       **Primers

**Soft-Feel Touch                     **High Rub Resistance                       **Low Odor

**Increased runnability            **Alcohol Resistance                          **High Gloss

**Heat Resistance                     **Block Resistance   

**High or Low COF Coatings    **APEO free Paper Plate Coatings


I                                                                ULTRA VIOLET COATINGS


   UV coatings are an important part of the printing process for printers.  These coatings provide exceptional resistance properties and a premium look to the printed piece.  UV coatings cure instantly and  are manufactured with Bio-renewable raw materials and VOC free, making them environmentally safe.  We promote green chemistry in our UV coatings, reducing your carbon footprint.


                                                    Sigma Coatings offers the following UV coatings:


                      **High rub resistance                      **High gloss in-line and off-line coating

                      **Soft-feel touch                              **Matte or Satin finish UV coatings

                      **Low Odor                                       **Imprintable,glueable,foil stampable

                      **Low Migration coatings               **Playing card coatings

                      **Grit and Textured coatings          **Release coatings

                      **UV coatings for folding carton and all types of paper and paper board

                      **Coatings for all types of coaters: flexo/anilox, screen, gravure, roll coaters






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